International Education Workshops

International Education Knowledgebase workshops are designed to offer current, evidence-based and relevant content to participants and their organisations.

International Education Workshops are an essential part of workforce professional development to improve service delivery.

  • Work with institutions, managers and frontline staff to customise each session
  • Use conventional and innovative formats to develop new approaches
  • Challenge assumptions in service delivery and student support
  • Recognise that international education services differ across cohorts, institutions and education sectors
  • Focus on interactions and issues to equip professionals with useful information and strategies.

IEK Training Workshops


ESOS and your obligations: is your workplace compliant?

The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislation and its accompanying National Code is of central importance when providing services to international students in Australia. How do you know if your work unit is complying with ESOS obligations in practice?

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Client service in culturally diverse workplaces

Most institutions have a client services charter, or at least policies and procedures for maintaining high standards for client interactions. This includes complaint handling procedures, dealing with difficult situations and supporting students during a critical incident.

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International student welfare

People working with international students understand the significant differences in the experiences of student cohorts, from younger students, students with accompanying families, students with special needs, students balancing study and employment, and those with physical or mental health issues. How do we identify and support this diversity?

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Current issues in international education

What are the current issues in International education that affect your organisation? This workshop offers an opportunity to practitioners who regularly deal with issues affecting their co-workers and students, and must be prepared to face change.

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Professional standards and ethical practice in international education

International education professionals are obliged to work ethically and with high levels of professional standards. What does this mean in your organisation?  How do these obligations apply to marketing, education agent agreements, working with younger students and working with external stakeholders?

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International students and leadership

What do community engagement, international student experience and social integration have in common? There are complex differences between these concepts, but a common element is our interest in better community-institution relationships through collaboration and leadership.

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