Squaring the Circle: Rethinking the international student lifecycle

We have to bring internationalization at home and abroad together and see how they can interconnect and benefit from each other.

by Daniela Crăciun & Adriana Perez-Encinas

The international student lifecycle refers to the different stages through which international students pass. In this article, the authors suggest that the ‘re-entry’ stage of the lifecycle for returning exchange students should be included in the lifecycle. The recognition of this stage in service provision is important for students, and for institutions developing strategies to promote internationalisation at home.


Daniela Crăciun & Adriana Perez-Encinas (2017). Squaring the Circle: rethinking the international student lifecycle. EAIE Summer Forum 2017. The international student. European Association for International Education. This is available as a resource for EAIE members.