Collaborative Services: Enhancing the International Student Experience

In order to strengthen on-campus commitment and integration for international students, we must provide an active collaboration of all types of services.


The quality of the student experience seems to be one of the top issues considered by international students when choosing a university, the perceptions of which are connected to socio-cultural factors and to information they receive from peers. These factors are not easy to measure but making sense of the elements that contribute to student choice and satisfaction can help institutions attract and retain more students, ultimately enhancing the international student experience on campus. Universities offer a range of support services that can be divided in three types: internal, external and collaborative.

The author focuses on a classification of support services and international students’ integration abroad through a collaborative services approach.

This article has a message for all areas of your institution. Active collaboration means making ideas work in practice. Student services and academic practitioners can learn from each other and contribute their key skills to this collaboration.



Adriana Pérez-Encinas (2017). Collaborative Services: Enhancing the International Student Experience. In The Boston College Center for International Higher Education Year in Review, 2016-2017. (Eds. Ayenachew A. Woldegiyorgis, Laura E. Rumbley & Hans de Wit).