International Education Resources

We gather data on international education, including services, support agencies and groups that engage with international students. Our free list is here.

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Links to free resources of benefit to International Education Professionals are available on this page.

Professional Associations

International education professional associations produce research, offer reduced-fee access to professional development activities, including conferences. They advocate for best practice service delivery and support their members with resources to meet standards.

A explanation of significant associations, their differing roles and choosing the right one for you can be found here.

Australian Government Agencies

It’s in an international education professional’s interest to understand the legislative requirements that govern their industry and service delivery. There are plenty of online resources that can help, many provided by Federal and State bodies. A shortlist can be found here.

Education sector peak bodies and international education groups

Australian International Education peak bodies advocate for the improvement of the industry by partnering with organisations within it. Our growing list of these organisations can be found on this page.

International Student Associations

Engaging with student associations is an essential activity to ensure international service delivery is successful and culturally appropriate. We have a growing list of associations, their roles and their contact points.

Workshop Resources

Attending our workshops also provides participants with take-home resources on

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Self-Care for International Education Professionals

Working directly with international students, frequent travel for your institution, dealing with difficult clients and critical incidents can challenge the most resilient professional staff.

A growing list of resources and support services can be found here.

The Numbers: The Australian IE Industry

An at a glance look at the statistics that show the size and how things have moved, changed and grown in the International Education industry.

IDP Database of Research on International Education

Whether you are a researcher, international office staff or academic practitioner, you will find the resources in the IDP Database on Research on International Education invaluable. This searchable database is managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and contains details of more than 15,200 books, articles, conference papers and reports on various aspects of international education from publishers in Australia and abroad.

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